Allen-Bradley controllogix 1756-CNB/E controlnet module

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Allen-Bradley controllogix 1756-CNB/E  controlnet module,SERIES E.

The ControlNet network combines the functionality of an I/O network and a peer-to-peer network, providing high-speed
performance. The ControlNet network provides deterministic, repeatable transfers of critical control data.

The ControlNet network is an open, control network for real-time, high-throughput applications. The ControlNet network uses the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) to combine the functionality of an I/O network and a peer-to-peer network providing high-speed performance for both functions. The ControlNet network gives you deterministic, repeatable transfers of all mission-critical control data in addition to supporting transfers of non-time-critical data. I/O updates and controller-to-controller interlocking always take precedence over program uploads and downloads, and messaging.

 Technical Specifications:
ControlNet communication rate: 5 Mbps
Logix communication connections: 40…48
Connections supported, max: 64
Number of nodes, max: 99
Weight, approx.:  0.26 kg (0.57 lb).
Slot width :  1
Module location: Chassis-based, any slot
ControlNet port: 1 ControlNet BNC
ControlNet cable: 1786-RG6 quad shield RG6 coaxial cable
USB port: No USB
NAP port: 1 NAP RJ45.
NAP cable: 1786-CP.