Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 5580 Controller 1756-L84E/B

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Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 5580 Controller 1756-L84E/B, Series B.

ControlLogix Controllers
The ControlLogix controller provides a scalable controller solution capable of addressing many I/O points.
The controller can be placed into any slot of a ControlLogix chassis and multiple controllers can be installed in the same chassis. Multiple controllers in the same chassis communicate with each other over the backplane (just as controllers can
communicate over networks) but operate independently.
ControlLogix controllers can monitor and control I/O across the ControlLogix backplane, and over I/O links. ControlLogix controllers can communicate over EtherNet/IP, ControlNet, DeviceNet, DH+, Remote I/O, and RS-232-C (DF1/DH-485 protocol) networks and many third-party process and device networks. To provide communication for a ControlLogix controller, install the appropriate communication interface module into the chassis.

Catalog number:1756-L84E
  ControlLogix controller, 1 built-in USB port(1) , single port EtherNet/IP
User Memory:20 MB
Controller tasks:
    • 32 tasks
    • 1000 programs/task
    • Event tasks: all event triggers
Built-in communication ports:
    • 1 port USB client
    • Single-port EtherNet/IP
Communication options:
   • EtherNet/IP
   • ControlNet
   • DeviceNet
   • Data Highway Plus
   • Remote I/O
   • SynchLink
   • Third-party process and device networks
Node capacity:
Logix Designer application, version 30 or later:
   • 1756-L81E: 100 EtherNet/IP nodes
   • 1756-L82E: 175 EtherNet/IP nodes
   • 1756-L83E: 250 EtherNet/IP nodes
   • 1756-L84E: 250 EtherNet/IP nodes
   • 1756-L85E: 300 EtherNet/IP nodes
Controller redundancy:Future.
Integrated motion:
   • EtherNet/IP connection
   • With Logix Designer application, version 31 or later:
        – SERCOS interface
       – Analog options (encoder input, LDT input, SSI input)
Programming languages:
   • Relay ladder
   • Structured text
   • Function block
   • Sequential function chart (SFC)