Allen-Bradley controllogix devicenet communication module 1756-DNB/E

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Allen-Bradley controllogix devicenet communication module 1756-DNB/E,Series E

DeviceNet Network
The DeviceNet network is open, providing connections between simple industrial devices, such as sensors and actuators, and higher-level devices, such as controllers and computers. The DeviceNet network uses the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) to control, configure, and collect data for industrial devices.

DeviceNet Communication Module
The DeviceNet network provides connections between simple, industrial devices (such as sensors and actuators) and higher-level devices (such as controllers and computers).

Catalog Number:1756-DNB
Description: DeviceNet bridge
Communication Rate:
    125 Kbps (500 m max)
    250 Kbps (250 m max)
    500 Kbps (100 m max)
Number of Nodes:64
Slot width:1
Module location:Chassis-based, any slot
DeviceNet port:1 DeviceNet open-style 5- or 10-pin linear plug
USB port:USB 2.0, full speed (12 Mbps)